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Cleveland County, OK

Cleveland County Treasurer
Jim Reynolds

Cleveland County Treasurer
201 S Jones Suite 100

General Information

Cleveland County Treasurer Jim Reynolds is an elected officer currently serving a four year term of office.  The Treasurer's office operates under the authority of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Treasurer Reynolds is the official custodian of all funds for the County.  He is specifically charged with collecting and apportioning (dispersing) all County tax dollars according to budgets approved by the County Budget Board.  He is also responsible for investing all County money under guidelines set by State Statutes and the
Cleveland County Commissioners.

The Treasurer operates under specific guidelines in regards to investments, accounting, and bookkeeping methods.  These methods and the books are subjected to audit by the State Auditor's office.

In the summer of 2012, the State Auditor conducted routine audits of the County and the Treasurer's office.  Taxpayers of Cleveland County should be proud to know the results of these audits show that all County money and property is accounted for.  In addition, the methods of accountability and bookkeeping are to the highest level.  Annual tax revenue of nearly 200 million dollars and accountability to the penny is the standard, and that goal is being met.

To see the official Audit reports of the State Auditor, 2016 & 2017

Forms & Exemptions

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If you need Information on Paying Mortgage Tax, see below for forms and more.

Mortgage Tax Information Sheet 


Community & Office Events

Our office is staffed with an exceptional group of people dedicated to serving the citizens of Cleveland County.  We take pride in our community and enjoy being part of a great team.

Whether we are hosting our Lt. Governor, raising funds for Community Causes, participating in the National "Bring your son and daughter to work day", volunteering for outreach projects, or celebrating the holidays together, we are committed to serving you, spreading goodwill, and enjoying the moment.


Tax Sales

Property Sales

What kind of Property Sales are conducted at the Cleveland County Courthouse?

There are five different sales conducted by County Offices.  They are Sheriff's Sale, Resale, Tax Warrant Sale, Commissioner's Sale, and County Auction.  Each of these sales are conducted in auction format.


Additional information is listed below.


1) Sheriff's Sale:

This sale is conducted on behalf of companies when a Mortgage is delinquent.  It is held on the first and third Wednesday of each month in the Commissioner's meeting room at the Courthouse.  For more information, contact the Sheriff's Department at 405-701-8888.



2)  Resale:

 This sale is conducted when Tax Liens on Real Estate are three years delinquent.  This sale takes place the second Monday in June at the Courthouse.  All properties subject to sale will be published in a county newspaper and listed on this site in May of each year.  This sale is conducted by the Cleveland County Treasurer's Office.  

Tax Resale Listing

Excess Money List

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3)  Tax Warrant Sale:

This sale is conducted by the Cleveland County Treasurer's Office and is held at the Courthouse unless otherwise noted, to satisfy tax liens on property such as Mobile Homes and/or Business Personal Property.  These sales are on an as needed basis, and will be published in a county newspaper and listed on this site.  These sales could occur as often as twice a year, or as infrequently as once every two or three years.


4)  Commissioner's Sale:

This sale is held at the Courthouse and is for Surplus Real Estate that was not purchased during the Resale, or is no longer useful to the County.  It is conducted by the Cleveland County Treasurer on behalf of the Commissioners.


5)  County Auction:

This sale is for Surplus (not real estate) that is no longer needed by the County.  This could include road machinery, computers, desks, etc.  These sales may only happen once every two or three years.  It may be conducted anywhere within the County, and will be conducted by the County Commissioner's Office.


How do I know when Tax Sales will be taking place?

State Law requires publication in a County newspaper prior to any sale.

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General Disclosure
Accuracy of the information provided on this web site is not guaranteed for legal purposes. Changes may occur daily. To get the most current information, you need to contact the County Treasurer's Office.

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